(Updated 12/12/2012)
Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Ph.D.
School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, (CIDSE)
Arizona State University (ASU)
699 S. Mill Avenue #553, Tempe, AZ 85281


2001 PhD UCLA,Major in Architecture and minor in Computer Science
1994 MS in Eng/M.Arch Dept. of Architecture, Waseda University*, JAPAN
1992 BS in Eng/B.Arch Dept. of Architecture, Waseda University*, JAPAN
*) The University is accredited as an institute for the JIA (Architect) license


2011- Lecturer School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University
2009-2011 Research Associate Prism (Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling) Lab, Arizona State University
2001-2009 Assistant Professor School of Architecture, Arizona State University
1999-2002 Research Assistant UCLA, Department of Architecture
1998-2000 Teaching Assistant UCLA, Department of Architecture


2011 Eurographics (European Association for Computer Graphics) Reviewer
IEEE VGTC (Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee) Pacific Visualization Reviewer
  ACADIA Conference Review Committee
  Europia13 Conference International Boarding Member
2010 - Jury in VR Simulation Contest in Japan
2007 - Reviewer of International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC)
2006 - SIGRADI Conference Scientific Committee
2006 – 2009 Bentley’s BE Carrier representative at ASU
2003 – 2008 PI of Form-Z Joint Study Program at ASU
1992 - Member of Architectural Institute of Japan


2009 - CEO & President of Forum8AZ LLC (AZ, USA)
2007 - Chair of World16 (Worldwide working group on VR City Modeling and Visualization)
2006 -2011 Supervisor at Forum8 co. Ltd. (JAPAN)
1992 -1994 Arch. YOSHIRO IKEHARA Design Office (JAPAN)
1993, 1995 Contract Works in Designing Houses as a freelance Architect


2010 IFC Award at Build Live Tokyo 2010 (BIM Competition)
2008 Technical Award, 7th VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road
2007 Honorable Judge Award, 6th VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/road
1994 Japan CG Grand Prix, Best Award on CG Animation
1993 SANAE Prize (Best thesis award), Waseda University
1991 Best Graduate Essay Award in Dep. of Architecture, Waseda University


2008-2011 SOUZOU : Creativity through procedural modeling.
$200K 2-year project sponsored by NSF (Creative-IT: 0757623) to develop a new creativity support software (PI)
2008-2009 VR city modeling.
$100K project sponsored by Forum8 to develop interactive 3D city modeling tools for the company’s product and organize worldwide working group of the product (PI)
2006-2009 Digital Phoenix Project
$1M project to develop digital contents of Phoenix city for immersive VR environment. Visualization of past, current and future city models, working as  one of 4 core leaders in this project (PI/Leader)
2005-2007 The Utilization of Satellite Images to Identify Tree Trimming Needs for Overhead Transmission Lines:
$150K project sponsored by PSerc (Power System Engineering Research Center) under NSF to develop a computer tool to extract trees interfering with overhead power lines from a stereo pair of multispectral satellite images using the technology of Photogrammetry. (co-PI)
1999-2002 HEED (Home efficient and effective design) to implement computational tools on sustainable Home efficient and effective design:
Funded by California Edison (Research Assistant under Prof. Murray Milne at UCLA (Research Assistant)


*) Look at the other section


TEACHING: List of Courses
2012 S CPI 321: Fundamentals of Game Art (Computer Science)
Basic concept and skills on Game Art especially on digital painting
2012 S
2011 S
CPI 441: Gaming Capstone(Computer Science)
Capstone project course on 3D Game Development by 4-students team
2011 F
2012 S
CPI 211: Game Development II, (Computer Science)
3D Game Development and Design using a game engine (Unity) and scripting
2011 F CPI 421: 3D Modeling and Texturing, (Computer Science)
3D modeling and texturing technologies and skills for 3D game development (using 3ds max, Maya, Motion Builder, Mudbox, and Unity)
2010 F
2011 S
CPI 111: Game Development 1,(Computer Science)
Basic concept and implementation of 2D games using GameMaker8
2006 -2009 ANP598: Parametric Modeling and Fabrication: Fall and Spring in 2006-2009, (Architecture)
Algorithmic and parametric modeling using MaxScript and Generative Components, a plug-in software for MicroStation
2005 -2007 ANP598: Computer and Architecture: Spring in 2005-2007, (Architecture)
Development of interactive 3D web applications using ArcGIS, 3DS Max, SketchUp, and Flash
2001 – 2004 ANP598: AI (Artificial Intelligence in Architecture): Fall in 2001-2004, (Architecture)
Fundamental of AI programming in Java
2001 – 2004 ANP598: Thesis Project Programming: Spring in 2001-2004, (Architecture)
Development of computational application as a part of MS thesis
2001 – 2006 ANP590/ANP475: Computer Programming in Architecture: Fall in 2001-2006, (Architecture)
Development of computational design tools in Java (Core Course in MS Program)
2001 – 2005 ANP530: Computer Graphics in Architecture: Spring in 2001- 2005, (Architecture)
Development of 3D computer computational design tools in Java (Core Course in MS Program)
2001 – 2007 ANP499: Independent Study in 2001-2007, (Architecture)
Honor’s project or Thesis project development individually
2005 PLA394: GIS Design Application: Spring in 2005, (Architecture and Planning)
Fundamentals of geographic information systems (GIS) for landscape architecture and urban planning using ArcGIS and SketchUp
2004 – 2006 ANP236: Introduction of Computer Modeling: Fall in 2004 – 2006, (Architecture)
Fundamentals of 3D computer modeling and rendering with FormZ and Rhino for sophomore students in architectural major


2011 “Digital Architecture, going beyond the instrumentality: BIM, Sustainability and Innovation”, by Brazilian Association of Architectural Studios: 6/13-14, BRAZIL: Lecture
“5th VR Symposium” by FORUM8:  11/16/2011, JAPAN:  Lecture
“3rd VR Summer Workshop”, 7/24-27, ITALY:  Lecture and Workshop
2010 “4th VR Symposium” by FORUM8:  11/18/2010, JAPAN:  Lecture
“3rd VR Summer Workshop”, 7/29-31/2010, Santa Barbara CA:  Lecture and Workshop
2009 “3rd VR Symposium” by FORUM8:  11/20/2009, JAPAN: Lecture
“2nd VR Summer Workshop”, 7/27-30, JAPAN:  Lecture and Workshop
“10th UC-win/Road and VR-studio Conference” on 5/21/2009: Lecture
2008 “1st Siggraph Asia in Singapore” on 12/10-13/2008: Exhibitor Tech Talk
“2nd VR Symposium” by FORUM8: 11/19/2008, JAPAN: Lecture
“1st VR Summer Workshop”, 8/12-14, Tempe, AZ:  Lecture and Workshop
“Forum8 Conference” by FORUM8, 5/20/2008, JAPAN:  Lecture
2007 “1st VR symposium” by FORUM8, 11/20/2007, JAPAN:  Lecture and workshop
“UC-win/Road Seminar” by FORUM8, 6/20/2007, JAPAN:  Lecture
“SGI Solution Cubic Forum 2008” by SGI, 6/14 & 15/2007, JAPAN:  Lecture
“UC-win/Road Seminar” by FORUM8, 6/13/2007, JAPAN: Lecture
2006 “Forum8 Seminar”, 11/28/2006, JAPAN:  Lecture and workshop


2009 ITS America’s 2009 Annual Meeting & Exposition, Marland, on 6/1-3/2009
ITE 2009 Technical Conference and Exhibit, Phoenix, AZ on 3/22-25/2009
IEEE VR Conference, Lafayette, Louisiana, on 3/14-18/2009
2008 Siggraph Asia in Singapore on 12.10-13/2008
International Conference on Traffic & Transport Psychology in Washington DC on 8/31-9/4/2008
ITE 2008 Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Anaheim, CA on 8/17-20/2008
Via Norica 2008 in Finland on 6/10-11/2008
Mayor’s Luncheon Speech in Phoenix, AZ on 4/20/2008
2007 6th 3D VR Simulation Contest on 11/21/2007 in Tokyo, Japan
Seminar for Transoft Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 9/27-29/2007
SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego, USA on 8/7-9/2007
ASHE (American Society of Highway Engineers) 2007 in Atlantic City, NJ on 5/20-24/2007
Bentley BE Conference in Los Angeles, CA on 4/29-5/3/2007
2006 5th 3D VR Simulation Contest on 11/27/2006 in Tokyo, Japan


George Karady, Gerald Heydt, Peter Wonka, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Tim Lant, Janet Holston, Mookesh Patel, Anshuman Razdan, Daniel Collins, Dianne Hansford (Arizona State University). Robert, G. Olsen (Washington State University),Murray Milne (UCLA), Kostas Terzidis (Harvard University), Ruth Ron (Univ. of Florida), Matthew Swart (GIT), Marcos Novak (UCSB), Thomas Tucker (Winston Salem State Univ.), Michael Jemtrud, Nik Luka, Torben Berns (McGill University, CANADA), Claudio Labarca (Pontifical University, CHILE), Ronald Hawker (Zayed University, UAE), Carlos Calderon (University of Newcastle, UK), Amar Bennadji (Robert Gordon Univ., UK), Wael Abdelhameed (University of Bahrain, BAHRAIN) , Tomohiro Fukuda (Osaka University, JAPAN), Shun Watababe (University of Tsukuba, JAPAN), Hitoshi Watanabe (Waseda Univ., JAPAN), Matthias S. Moeller (University of Salzburg, AUSTRIA), AW Yen-Liang Wu (Asia Univ. Taiwan), Aleppo Yu-Tung Liu (National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan), Paolo Fiamma (Univ. of Pisa, Italy)


Thesis Advisor: Steve Cox, Michael McDearmon (Barrett Honors College)
Manu Juyal, Shweta Shah, Meenakshi Sharma, Subhadha Battina, Mallika Rao, Ajith Rao, Harshavardhan Bapat, Preethi Cunha, Girish Ganapati, Eeshoo Rehani, Vishnu Sriam, Sasi Godavarman, Atul Handa, Abhay Bhargava, Joy Nandi, Tiing-Hie Lau (College of Design, ASU).
Post-Doctoral Advisor: Wael Abdelhameed at South Valley University, Egypt (Fulbright Fellow)


Language: C/C++/C#, CGA, VB, MaxScript, Java, Lisp, XML, HTML, ActionScript, Delphi, MEL, Python
Software: CAD &BIM: AutoCAD, Revit, Allplan, Design Builder, Bently’s Generative Component
3D Design: 3DS MAX,  MotionBuilder, Mudbox, Maya, Rhino, Modo, Form-Z, Sketch-Up,
2D Design: Flash, Photoshop, After Effect, Premiere Pro, MadMapper, Module8
Game: Unity3D, GameMaker, XNA
OS: Windows, Mac, iOS and Unix
LANGUAGES: Japanese and English (Bilingual)


Permanent Resident of US (Green Card)